Friday, August 25, 2006

Strange, random...

For no particular reason I thought I'd tell the small part of the world who read my incredibly infrequent postings on here that I just found a pen with the name "Yvette" printed in nice cursive writing on it's side.

The astute amongst you will note that isn't my name and obviously this writing implment has lost it's original owner.

I wonder what made me think to blog this?


Anonymous said...

Are you sayig that you've stolen a pen of mine??

Anonymous said...

Dear Aydsman,

It seems that my expectation, which is still rather low, for you to update your blog at least once a month, is beyond you.

I understand if there are special circumstances preventing you from sharing a few words with the world. All I ask is that you provide me with a short explanation of these circumstances.

In fact, you could actually make your next blog entry about the circumstances leading you to refrain from writing. In which case, you would have become a sort of a hypocrite - writing about why you can't write.

Do something now, you lazy f***.

Yours affectionately,

Anonymous said...

Why oh why are you so crap at updating.

(dvette - duchess of