Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time passes...

So I log into Blogger (the marvelous Google-owned company which hosts this blog) and it tells me I last updated the AydsBlog on the 18 December 2005. That's about 6 months ago. Yes, I did think of doing the maths and giving that to you in seconds or something but I can't really be bothered.

I can hardly believe that it's been that long, but I am quite astoundingly lazy sometimes. There is a motivation for posting this, and I'm sure you're all eager to find out what that is. Well, to be honest - it isn't the happiest of circumstances.

I'm just feeling a little wierd right now. Mostly a little down, a little sad and a fair bit tired. The reason I'm feeling tired is it's running up quickly on midnight. The reason I'm feeling down is that my family's beloved canine companion, Sooty, was put to rest earlier today.

Unfortunately my first, and so far only, pet dog had grown far too old. Due to his age and various ailments which numerous trips to the vet (and no doubt much of Mum and Dad's money) could not alleviate Mum and Dad made the hard decision to have him put down.

They'd told me of this so I went and saw him for the last time on the weekend. I tried not to think of it too much that way, but I did try to say a quiet goodbye to my old pal.

Even though I know and agree that they have done the right thing it's still a bit of a shock to know that he's really gone.

I'd moved out quite a while ago and I do miss having a dog (especially when a piece of food hits the floor) but due to the fact that I'm renting and out at work all day every day a pet isn't really practical. Also because I'd moved out I didn't get to see my beautiful little puppy all that much anymore. It did make me sad sometimes when I did see him because you could see he was trying to be alive and spritely but just didn't have the strength or agility to pull it off.

So farewell my friend. You'll never be forgotten.

From the days when I used to sing to you and stroke you in your cardboard box to calm you down during a storm. To the walks I used to take you on. To the frights you'd give visitors putting on that tough-dog act. To your distinctive bark, which it seemed made every pooch in the neighbourhood sit up and take notice. To the lick of my hand you gave me just two days ago. May the almost 14 years you spent on this earth have been the happiest anyone can wish for.

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