Friday, August 13, 2004


Nothing wacky to post here (yet - just sat down in front of my monitors) but I was thinking before I wandered up to the computer...

I've posted three (count 'em below - 1, 2 3) times and have got no comments (nada, zip, none). Now I'm quite fine with this - AFAIK only one person knows about this blog right now - but it got me thinking about the strange "place" the internet is. I was thinking about how you float something out there on the web and then people - who you'll never, ever meet or talk to - will wander along and take a look.

Some of the time you don't even know it has happened. 6000 people could have read my blog since I created it last night. They could even have enjoyed it. However, I won't ever know that they've been.

It's a strange feeling. I can only liken it to giving a speech while standing blindfolded in the middle of a room - which might or might not have people in it. Since I've started thinking about it it sorta wierded me out.


Ah well, new places on the internet await.


Anonymous said...

(ahh I hate having to post anon on these silly things)

Anyway just because I'm one of those '6000'people, I thought I would
a/be first to comment :D
b/ just say hello and
c/ say I so agree it is very freaky, I have had I don't know how many views on my blog and the only 'know' of are the one's who comment. Sometime I just want a random I don't know who you are comment, but when you get those, {if they aren't spam} they can freak you out :D

~sorry will stop rambling now~


Cyron said...

Well I know about your blog now a well :)

Your first entry linked to my site, and I've got a technorati watchlist up to see when sites link to mine. That pointed me here.

Also, by default, blogger pings and the like when you post, which means you'll get a large amount of random readers through, people who are just looking for new and interesting blogs to read...