Tuesday, August 24, 2004

aydsman at gmail.com!!!

Ok - it's official.

I have a GMail account. This is thanks to, and with encouragement of, my fantastic friend Joseph Cooney.

I had already passed on the offer of one invite from him, which he gave to Robin - a mutual friend of ours. This was because I really didn't see a huge need for 1 GB of webmail. I had thought myself quite happy with my current email software

Upon reflection though I thought about it. Exposing my email online would be more difficult while using a thick client, and I did enjoy the idea of being able to have access to my emails from work and while on holiday etc.

I only have two problems with it so far:

  1. my inbox is empty (save the welcome message) so 1 GB of space really looks funny
  2. it doesn't work from my phone

However - the first point should be cleared up pretty quickly and the second - well - perhaps someone out there has a workaround?

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Aydsman said...

Is it bad "blogiquette" to comment on your own postings? Eh - too bad. I just realised I forgot to say that now I've got Google email and also a Google blog. Perhaps I should start collecting Google stuff (mmm... Google Goo <drool style="Homer-Simpson" />) and perhaps one day I might be able to get Google IM?