Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok, so I'm a geek - but...

I just wondered if you could, at first glance, tell me what is wrong with my username here?

So "aydsman" would be allowed but not "Aydsman". Huh? You can't simply make the username oh, I don't know, case insensitive just like every other username on the planet?

The second reason this message sucks is that they didn't have any text on the page letting me know about the username restrictions up front. It'd be great to know that I only had a limited character set to play with BEFORE I went to the trouble of typing in a username.

You know, perhaps I'm just getting old and grumpy but silly things like this in software just make me annoyed. Anyone else?


Jarrod said...

I agree - ignore some case there!

Anonymous said...

I *are* a geek. Oh yea, and I agree with the other thing too.